Intuitive astrological guidance

as above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul

I help you understand the lunar, seasonal & planetary cycles in your natal chart as well as in the collective cosmic weather patterns. Working with the current astro-energetics while respecting your unique ebbs & flows brings empowerment and ease, especially during the more challenging moments of life.

I speak astrology in a language that is easily understood and useful for everyday living while keeping the magic + mystery + mythos of the stars alive. I bring depth, nuance and a multilayered view to your natal chart. I also provide multi-dimensional healing guidance for those wanting to explore the patterns of the soul as expressed in the natal chart. 

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Talking with Kristina not only gave me a fresh new take on the astrological chart I was born with, but also illuminated important patterns + trends occurring within the last year and moving forward into the next six years. Kristina presents it like a framework of how to appreciate oneself + life more deeply, cherishing both the opportunities + challenges that arise. As an astrologer, her style is gentle, yet articulate, and she has a way of asking questions + allowing you to discover the insight vs. telling you how it is, which is lovely.

Katie Hess of Lotus Wei
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