astrological & Healing services

All sessions are held via phone or zoom video conference. 


Intuitive Astrology

Get clarity in working with your inherent energetic patterning, unfolding self + current astro weather.

Thank you for bringing your voice to our inboxes and for helping demystify astrology a bit to bring it into the range of the household. This language of the sun, moon, stars and planetary forces are wanting to be seen and integrated, humanity is expanding and ready to access through many different portals.

Pixie Lighthorse of SouLodge Earth Medicine School


Astro Tarot Readings

A unique blend of celestial + oracle guidance to help you find your way in the dark and align with your best self.

Kristina’s Astro-Tarot reading was amazing. She had such impeccable insight through this combination of chart reading and cards. Her reading was right on in terms of my struggles and it validated lots of feelings I’d had but somehow still resisted. It put so many things in perspective. She also made a couple of observations in my chart that I’ve continued pondering every day since the reading. The best part is that the cards provide a direction for action which is unusual in a simple chart reading. If you’re thinking about it just do it! It’s really worth it!
Jill Doneen of Luminous Muse Healing


Soul Counsel Sessions

An invitation for you to transform any blocks you are experiencing in your life into medicine for healing. 

I worked with Kristina to overcome some pretty big emotional obstacles that I was bumping into in my relationships. Her suggestions and guidance are apt and heartfelt, and I was able to move through some things that had been stuck for a long time. She taught me skills that I am able to apply to all areas of my life and heart, for ongoing healing and growth. Kristina is a great ally and teacher.
Diana Stapleton, BFA, MFA, MA.