{astrology} the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies as they influence human affairs and the natural world; {astrologer} a person who interprets the language of astrology + cosmic cycles of time

I am here to help you understand the lunar, seasonal & planetary cycles in your natal chart as well as in the collective cosmic weather patterns. Working with the current astrological transits while respecting your innate cosmic wiring (natal chart) brings empowerment and ease, especially during the more challenging moments of life. I speak astrology in a language that is easily understood and useful for everyday living while keeping the magic + mystery + mythos of the stars alive. 


Intuitive Astrology

Your natal astrology chart is a reflection of your strengths, challenges and potentials that offer guidance to your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 


Lunar Cycle Coaching

Four sessions each lunar cycle, timed with the major Moon phases. Three month minimum commitment so you can experience sustained change.


Astro Business Consulting

New for 2018
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