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an astro wisdom school for women

Dear Lunar Woman ~

I believe that understanding your Natal Astrology is your cosmic birthright. 

Your natal astrology chart is unique to you and tells the story of your own personal mythology. It is a reflection of your strengths, challenges and potential that offer guidance to your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 

When you understand your innate cosmic wiring you can see your own patterns and cycles more clearly and with more compassion. This supports you in re-claiming parts of yourself that are ready to awaken, integrating aspects of yourself that you have exiled and celebrating what is already in flow.

Vibrate the Cosmos is a 15-month journey into the practical magic of Astrology. Join a group of lunar loving women who are ready to crack the code of their astrological DNA, aka the natal chart. 

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learn astrology through the lens of your natal chart

Topics covered include

  • The signs of the Zodiac
  • The houses of the Zodiac
  • Understanding basic aspects
  • Karma & Dharma: the nodes of fate
  • Cycles of light & shadow: eclipse season
  • Retrograde planets
  • Planets in the chart and in the sky (retrogrades, ingresses, synodic cycles, sky-gazing)
  • The Lunar Cycle
  • The Luminaries: Sun and Moon
  • Personal planets: Mercury, Venus & Mars
  • Social planets: Jupiter & Saturn
  • Transpersonal planets: Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
  • The Wounded Healer: Chrion
  • Understanding the angles in your chart: Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, Imum Coeli

Content is housed in a beautiful online classroom. Materials will be delivered in a variety of formats including videos, audios, written word. Each lunar cycle we will have live calls for the week of the New Moon and live office hours the week after the Full Moon for learning, integration & connection. 

  • 15 months of astrology guidanc
  • 15 New Moon video calls
  • 15 group office hours
  • Email support throughout the program
  • A private FB group for connecting outside of the classroom (if desired by students)
  • Optional one-on-one mentorship hours to personalize your experience (5 slots available)

Learning Astrology doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary - it can be fun and exciting! 

If you work with the materials offered in Vibrate the Cosmos you will be fluent in basic astrology by the end of the program.

Meet Kristina


la luna is our guide


we will build our astrological foundation over three lunar cycles

The first 3 months will be spent learning the basic language of astrology. The following 12 months will be spent deepening your knowledge and applying it to your own natal chart. 

The classroom opens on Moon-Day, January 8th, 2018. Our first three months of Vibrate the Cosmos will be spent grounding into the energetic flow of the lunar cycle in order to build an astrological foundation, layer by layer. 

Your welcome week includes 5 days of preparatory materials introducing you to the nuts + bolts of the Lunar Cycle. 

We will lay the foundation with the New Moon in Capricorn 1/16/18

  • Layer 1: Follow Moon phases & track the energy of waxing & waning for an entire lunar cycle
  • Grounding into the lunar cycle
  • Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse teachings

Next up, an introduction to the natal chart + signs of the Zodiac with the New Moon in Aquarius 2/15/18

  • Layer 2: track energy of moon phase + sign in your natal chart for an entire lunar cycle
  • Meet & greet the signs  of the zodiac (elements, modalities)
  • Solar Eclipse teachings

Now let's meet the celestial bodies + the houses of the Zodiac with the New Moon in Pisces 3/17/18

  • Layer 3: track energy of moon phase + sign in your natal houses for an entire lunar cycle
  • Meet & greet the luminaries and planets
  • The Rooms Where it Happens- touring the houses of the zodiac

Now that you are well grounded in astrological basics + the lunar cycle, it is time to begin embodying your personal planetary psychology + astro archetypes


deep dive into your natal chart



The next 12 months we follow the moon as she travels through the wheel of the Zodiac.

You will be diving deeper into the concepts you learned in the first three months: working with the lunar cycle, the planets, signs of the zodiac, houses of the zodiac, etc. Most importantly you will be applying this into your own your natal chart.

Astrology is complex but it doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. It can be fun! I have a knack for taking big concepts and distilling the information into language that is poetic, practical and easy to understand. 

I'll let you in on a little secret... I don't know everything about astrology! I will always be learning something new from this vast field of information. For me, that is part of what excites me: I'll never stop learning... and sharing what I learn with others. 

Spinning the Wheel of the Zodiac: A play in 12 Moons

Aries B.png
Taurus B.png
Gemini B.png

New Moon in Aries 4/15/18

  • Aries: Individuation
  • 1st house: self
  • Mars: taking action

New Moon in Gemini 6/13/18

  • Gemini: Inquiry
  • 3rd house: communication
  • Mercury: mental acuity 

New Moon in Taurus 5/15/18

  • Taurus: Embodiment
  • 2nd house: possessions 
  • Venus: the capacity to love

Cancer B.png
Leo B.png
Virgo B.png

New Moon in Cancer 7/12/18

  • Cancer: Nourishment 
  • 4th house: womb matrix
  • Moon: finding home

New Moon in Virgo 9/9/18

  • Virgo: Service
  • 6th house: daily habits & heatlh
  • Chiron: healing the wounds

New Moon in Leo 8/11/18

  • Leo: Self-Worth
  • 5th house: creative play
  • Sun: shine from center

Libra B.png
Scorpio B.png
Sag B.png

New Moon in Libra 10/8/18

  • Libra: Harmony
  • 7th house: partnerships
  • Aspects in the chart

New Moon in Sagittarius 12/6/18

  • Sagittarius: Freedom
  • 9th house: mind expansion
  • Jupiter: faith & optimism 

New Moon in Scorpio 11/7/18

  • Scorpio: Transmutation
  • 8th house: unseen realms
  • Pluto: expressing power

Capricorn B.png
Aquarius B.png
Pisces B.png

New Moon in Capricorn 1/5/19

  • Capricorn: Mastery
  • 10th house: life path/career
  • Saturn: making it real

New Moon in Pisces 3/6/19

  • Pisces: Compassion
  • 12 house: spirit calls
  • Neptune: in tune with soul


New Moon in Aquarius 2/4/19

  • Aquarius: Liberation
  • 11th house: finding your tribe
  • Uranus: authenticity

and a little something extra...

bonus materials + special topics

Because Astrology is a living art & science, I will be weaving in teachings on current cosmic weather patterns and other important astrological events as they are happening.

This is a little more advanced, but I promise that I'll make it simple to understand. It is completely optional - you do not have to participate with any of this material to benefit from the course. Think of this as extra credit for the astro-hungry. 

You will receive guidance through the following cosmic events

  • 3 Mercury retrogrades (3/22-4/15; 7/25-8/18; 11/16-12/6)
  • 5 eclipses (1/31, 2/15, 7/12, 7/27, 8/11)
  • Venus retrograde (10/5-11/16)
  • Mars retrograde (6/26-8/27)
  • Uranus moving into Taurus (a seven year cycle beginning 5/16)
  • Jupiter's move into Sagittarius (a thirteen month cycle beginning 11/9)
  • Meeting the Asteroid Goddesses in preparation for a retreat in 2019

Frequently Asked Questions


a message from the cosmic muse 


When does the program begin? Our classroom opens on Moon-Day, January 8th, 2018.

Do I need to have any experience with astrology to join this program? No! This program is for any woman who wants to dive deep into her natal chart. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join.

What is the time commitment required? 2 hours of live calls per lunar lunar cycle, approximately 1 hour of content per module plus any extra studying time on your end. If you are engaging with the bonus materials this time will increase. 

Date & times of calls: As we are working with the Moon, the days will shift depending on the lunar cycle. There are no calls on the weekends. New Moon teaching calls will be 9am PST and post Full Moon office hour calls will be at 3pm PST.

Post Full Moon Office Hour Calls: 3pm-4pm PST


  • Monday February 5th
  • Tuesday March 6th
  • Thursday April 5th
  • Thursday May 3rd
  • Monday June 4th
  • Monday July 2nd
  • Thursday August 2nd
  • Wednesday August 29th
  • Thursday September 27th
  • Tuesday October 30th
  • Thursday November 29th
  • Thursday December 27th


  • Wednesday Jan 23rd
  • Monday February 25th
  • Monday, March 25th

New Moon Teaching Calls: 9am - 10 am PST


  • Tuesday January 16th
  • Thursday February 15th
  • Monday March 19th
  • Monday April 16th
  • Tuesday May 15th
  • Wednesday June 13th
  • Thursday July 12th
  • Monday August 13th
  • Monday September 10th
  • Monday October 8th
  • Wednesday November 7th
  • Thursday December 6th


  • Monday January 7th
  • Monday February 4th
  • Wednesday March 6th

Where are the live calls held? All of our live calls with be held on Zoom, a free video platform with dial in options.

What if I can't make a live call? No problem! All live calls will be recorded and posted in the classroom. 

How do the New Moon calls work? These calls are live teaching calls where I will be introducing the material we will be covering during the upcoming lunar cycle. We will also engage in some New Moon intention setting by tuning into the energetic qualities of each New Moon.

How do office hours work? Office hours are our second live meeting where you can ask questions & share about your experiences with the material. Send in your questions ahead of time if you can't make office hours live. 

Where is the content housed? All materials will be housed on Ruzuku in a beautiful online classroom. I've chosen Ruzuku because it is easy to navigate, allows you to mark your progress in the course, lets me create quizzes to help you learn and allows us to have conversation threads integrated into the lessons.

What supplies will I need for class? A computer, tablet or smartphone with high-speed internet for live calls & access to the Ruzuku platform. A notebook for taking notes with lots of mark making objects, or your favorite note taking computer program. A lunar calendar and/or a lunar app is highly recommended. 

How long do I have access to the lessons? You will be able to download the materials and keep them for as long as you like!

When do I receive the bonus materials? Bonus materials will be interwoven throughout the course, as the events are happening. So, for example, you will receive material on the Venus retrograde while Venus is retrograde from 10/5 - 11/6.

What is your refund policy? I am creating a sacred container for deep listening and learning with this course. 15 months is a big commitment of time and energy for you and me. If you choose to invest please honor your yes as all sales are final. There are no refunds once you have enrolled; if you sign up with a payment plan you are responsible for all 15 payments and your credit card will continue to be charged until payment is complete.

Still have questions? Schedule a complementary Visioning Call with me to see if Vibrate the Cosmos is for you.

Vibrate the Cosmos is for women only in order to create a safe & sacred place for self-expression.