venus in the underworld

surrender to your own radiance

empress:venus original.jpeg

Venus - the planet of love - has been connected to the Goddess in many cultures for thousands of years. Her synodic cycle (orbit around the Sun) is a complex and beautifully orchestrated 584-day dance that begins and ends during her retrograde.

During her retrograde, she must make a brief Journey through the Underworld as she transitions from evening sky to morning sky. When Venus is in the Underworld she will be hidden from our view, embraced in the light of the Sun. 

This light is purifying and alchemizing, allowing for a reset and rebirth to Venusian themes in your life. We're talking love, connection, beauty, resources, money, relationships - and perhaps most importantly - your relationship with your own radiant self.  

Her conjunction with the Sun is the beginning of her cycle, with similar energy to a New Moon. We have a potent opportunity to clarify our values and set intentions, hopes, wishes and prayers at this time. Not only is this the beginning of her new cycle, it is also a shifting of the Venusian Archetype in the collective.

This two week class will guide you through her Underworld Journey. You will receive daily emails with audios, prompts and rituals to support your own Venus Alchemy. 

Class dates: March 18th - March 31st 2017. If you are interested in working through this material on your own timeframe please contact me for more information.