a self-paced healing journey

Do you have a hard time getting your needs met?

Do you tend to avoid crowds and gatherings?

Do you sense the feelings of everyone around you?

Do you lose track of your own feelings?

Would you like to find ways to strengthen your boundaries?

Do you want to fully inhabit the space you take up in the world?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you ready to claim Yourself as Sacred Space?

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The Conscious Empath is for you.

The Conscious Empath is a transformational program that will teach you how to re-pattern your energetic boundaries. When your energetic boundaries are healthy, you are filled with your own life energy, bringing more of yourself to each moment. The path of the Conscious Empath is one of taking responsibility for your own energy in any given situation. This allows you to break the cycle of co-dependency and claim your own sovereignty. Learning to create strong and flexible energetic boundaries is a skill that you will learn how to develop. 

Boundary work doesn't have to be complicated. It grows with consistent practice. The results are worth the effort: You will experience increased clarity, connection and, a soothed nervous system.

Boundary work is done in layers, utilizing energy management practices that are easy to learn and incredibly effective. Creating healthier boundaries requires an honest exploration of the current state of your energetic situation. You will find out where your boundaries are too small and or too big, where there are holes or tears in your boundaries, where you are leaking your own life energy. You will also discover the places that are filled with energy that is not yours.

Becoming a Conscious Empath will change how you move through the world; feeling, but not feeling overwhelmed. You will have simple, sustainable practices of self-awareness and self-regulation in place, which will allow you to gather your personal energy instead of wearing yourself out with self-sabotaging behaviors. When you use these tools regularly you bringing strength and vitality to your body/mind and spirit. Re-patterning your energetic boundaries will change the way you show up in every relationship in your life... most importantly in your relationship with yourself. Some of the benefits include:

  • Knowing yourself as sacred space

  • Cultivating more compassion for yourself

  • Connecting more deeply with your Inner Guidance Systems

  • Embodying your energetic field & chakras

  • Understanding how strong emotions such anger, fear and guilt impact & inform your boundaries
  • Identifying and releasing the patterns that interfere with your ability to maintain healthy boundaries
  • Having a practical & powerful energetic self-care plan 

How it works

The Conscious Empath uses the Medicine Wheel as a framework to hold your experience. The program contains four modules with four lessons in each module, designed to be taken sequentially. The minimum time per module is one month as you work your way through the four weekly lessons.

Once you have completed a module, you choose when you are ready to move to the next phase of the Wheel - it might be the following month or several months later. You are in charge of the pace of your healing. 


Module One // East

  • Lesson One: Exploring empathy

  • Lesson Two: Grounding in present time

  • Lesson Three: Energy centers & embodiment: chakras 1-2; your amazing pelvis

  • Lesson Four: First healing journey - You Are Sacred Space

Module Two // South

  • Lesson One: Emotions & boundaries

  • Lesson Two: Clearing your energetic field

  • Lesson Three: Energy centers & embodiment: chakras 3-4; Breast health
  • Lesson Four: Second healing journey - Meeting your Boundary Guide

Module Three // West

  • Lesson One: Tangled energy: energetic leaks and energetic cords

  • Lesson Two: Tangled energy: energetic contracts

  • Lesson Three: Energy centers & embodiment: 5th chakra; thyroid health
  • Lesson Four: Third healing journey - Burning an Energetic Contract

Module Four // North

  • Lesson One: Gathering Power 

  • Lesson Two: Living as a Conscious Empath

  • Lesson Three: Energy centers + embodiment: chakras 6-7

  • Lesson Four: Fourth healing journey - Chakra Balancing & Healing
Such powerful and empowering work. I am grateful for Kristina’s wisdom, insights, guidance and love. This was a truly transformational experience and the tools and insights I gained have anchored and supported me through the most intense passage of my life. The process is fluid, gentle, rich and rewarding.

Lisa Hofmann of Inner Glow Self-Care