The conscious empath


Thank you for choosing to walk the path of self-healing and for allowing me to be your guide on this journey of the Conscious Empath: Re-Patterning Energetic Boundaries.

YOU ARE SACRED SPACE is the fundamental premise of this class, the jumping off point for all of the practices and healing journeys you will be engaging with during this course. It is far too easy to forget this truth. So much of our experiences of ineffective energetic boundaries stem from forgetting this, leading to energetic imbalances and compromises that further weaken our boundaries. 

If it feels right, consider writing these words on a post-it and placing it where you can see it every day: I AM SACRED SPACE. Affirming this truth on a regular basis works to seal in the medicine of all the energetic work you will do during and after this course. 


Creating a clear intention for the work you will be engaged in over the next 4 weeks sends a message to both your subconscious mind and the universe. To a certain degree, our external world is a reflection of the inner realms. Naming and claiming your intention is a power-full action that begins to re-pattern the way you show up in the world. I encourage you to create your intention from where you are now. As you progress to the next module you may want to shift your intention or keep it the same.


Altars are a way of calling in energy. They have been used by cultures all around the world for thousands of years.  An altar is a gathering place where you can offer your appreciation for all of the helping spirits in your life: gods/goddesses, teachers in plant, animal and human form, the elements, the directions, saints and avatars, etc.

Altars are used to create sacred space and to celebrate all that is sacred in life. They are created for many different reasons - altars can be created to celebrate the seasons, abundance, fertility, health, prosperity, relationships, spiritual practice, etc.  Altars are particularly nice to create when embarking upon a new project, to mark the beginning and cultivate the energy you are calling in to support your journey.

Creating an altar is a sacred practice that will feed your soul. Today's activity is to create an altar dedicated to your journey around the Wheel of The Conscious Empath. Use these words as an inspiration for your altar: I AM SACRED SPACE

(Yes, I will be affirming this truth again and again throughout our time together!)

Your altar can be in a small space (on a shelf for example), take up a whole room or you can make an outdoor altar. It can be as simple as a candle that you light each day or have as many components as you desire.

It is important to find a space that offers you easy access so that you can spend time and interact regularly with your altar. Approach the activity of creating your altar free of distractions, when you have some time to focus your energy and intention on your creation.

You can also use your intention as you clarify the energy that you want your altar to call in and amplify. In fact, it is nice to write your intention on a piece of paper and put it on your altar. Always use affirmative language so that you are feeding your soul with positivity each time you read, speak or think about your intention.

Next up, gather some items that you would like to place on your altar. Some ideas: candles, photographs, stones/crystals, feathers, flowers/plant material, statues or figurines, jewelry, incense, smudge stick, oracle cards, etc. Remember, your altar is an external version of the Sacred Space that you already are, so choose items that are resonant for you, items that are pleasing to your eye and soul.

Nuts & bolts of altar creation

  • Gather objects you would like to place on your altar: candle(s), photographs,stones, feathers, statues, oracle cards, flowers, etc.
  • Choose the location where you will build your altar.
  • Always begin with a clean surface - wipe down or dust the area you are using for your altar. If you are working outside, you might want to sweep or rake the area where you will be working.
  • If you are using an altar cloth or scarf, begin by placing it where you would like your altar to be. 
  • Ground yourself and clear your energy field in whatever way feels right to you. This can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.
  • Get clear on your intention: what energy are you calling in?  
  • Optional - "cleanse” each object before placing it on your altar. I like to use white sage to smudge the objects and myself.
  • Focus on your intention so that you are infusing each item with this intention as you place them on your altar.
  • If you are laying down your objects in a circle, consider placing them down in a clock-wise manner, to call in the energy that you are wanting to amplify.
  • You can call on your helping spirits as you place the objects - guides, angels, teachers,etc. They love it when you remember to ask for guidance and to give thanks for their help.
  • After you have placed all of your objects on your altar, take a moment to ask for clear guidance on cultivating your intention over the next 4 weeks.
  • Write down any notes about the guidance you received, and your experience creating your altar.
  • I encourage you to spend some time at your altar each day, even if you only have a few minutes. Contemplating your intention, quieting your mind, making offerings, lighting a candle - all of these activities will feed your soul and amplify the energy of your intention.

The most important part of altar creation is to  relax and have fun! Your altar is a visual representation of the sacred energy that is already within you - it is not possible to do this "wrong".


I want to introduce a framework for our time together: The Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop is a symbol from the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Originally these were stone structures built for ritual, healing and teaching purposes. They were constructed by laying stones on the ground in a particular pattern oriented to the four directions - East, South, West and North. Symbolically, the Medicine Wheel is a path of transformation.

"The Medicine Wheel is a circular journey that functions like a spiral in Earth Medicine spiritual work. The repetition connects us to the endless cycles of life, to the immense value of feminine creator energy, the seasons, and the delicate unfolding Mystery that lies dormant in the form of soul until activated." Pixie Lighthorse

There are many ways the Medicine Wheel is presented in native cultures and what I offer is only one of the ways to approach the Sacred Hoop.* 

The Conscious Empath begins in the East. The direction/guardian EAST represents birth... the beginning of the journey. It is an initiation of sorts - you enter as an empty vessel. It is a fresh start where you are waking up to new truths. This is where the initial illumination of an idea appears, where you plant a seed of intention for the journey ahead. The East is where you learn to trust - you don't know what will happen as your seed grows, but you choose to water the plant anyway. The keyword/phrase of the EAST is NEW BEGINNINGS, the shadow is FEAR and the medicine antidote to this shadow is COURAGE

Once you have completed your time in the East, you decide when (and if) you would like to move to the South with Module Two. You are in charge of your own healing and know what is right for you.


Create an altar and spend a few moments there each day connecting with yourself as sacred space. Begin a Conscious Empath notebook or journal that you can use for journal prompts and notes of discovery along the way.


Here are some (optional) tools you might want to gather for our journey. 

  • Journal or notebook exclusively for The Conscious Empath

  • Candle(s)

  • Dried plant matter you can burn for purification - white sage, palo santo, cedar, etc.

  • Essential oils - for anointing, for making space clearing sprays, for bathing… I work with doTERRA essential oils and am happy to help you acquire these high-vibe oils. I recommend this kit for The Conscious Empath

  • Epsom salts and/or sea salt

  • Art supplies

  • Tarot or oracle cards

  • Crystals or stones

  • Drum or rattle

  • Anything else you would like


If you don't already have a copy of your chart and would like one, just send me an email with your birthdate, time & place of birth and I will send you a copy.


* I am presenting the SouLodge method of walking the Medicine Wheel, which I am studying with Pixie Lighthorse.