The conscious empath


Welcome to the North, Conscious Empath.

Your time in the West was spent looking at the ways in which you leak your own energy and create energetic cords. You had the opportunity to practice filling in energy leaks and removing an energetic cord. You took your third Healing Journey where you had the opportunity to burn a contract that was outdated, freeing yourself from a pattern that was outdated and not serving your highest self. Your exploration of energy centers and feminine embodiment continued as you learned about your fifth chakra and the health of your thyroid.

NORTH is a place of quiet and rest. Here you receive restoration, replenishment and rejuvenation. Taking your place in the circle of your ancestors requires mature leadership and responsibility. This is where you share what you have learned from your walk around the Wheel with the greater community. The keyword is WISDOM, the shadow is RESTLESSNESS and the medicine/antidote to the shadow is HONORING

NORTH is where you step into the wisdom that you have gleaned over the past three modules. What has grown from the seed of intention that you planted in the East? What action did you take to water this seed in the South? What wanted to be released in the West? The answers to these questions will help you clarify the wisdom you have gained over your journey. 

In Module four you will have a chance to catch your breath and to honor your growth. You will acknowledge the wisdom of your body and the pacing of your own personal rhythms as you create commitments to sustainable energetic self-care practices that you can use on a regular basis.

You may wish to re-visit your intention(s) from the previous modules to see if it/they still feels resonant. Perhaps it does, and you would like to add another intention as you navigate the West, stringing your intentions together like a strand of prayer beads. Or perhaps you would like to shift your original intention to meet you where you are now... whatever feels in alignment with your heart is what is right for you.

Once you have completed this module you will have walked a full round of the Medicine Wheel as a Conscious Empath. You carry the medicine of your re-patterned energetic boundaries forward with you, impacting every relationship in your life. You are anchored in this truth, knowing it deep in your bones - You are Sacred Space. 

* I am presenting the SouLodge method of walking the Medicine Wheel, which I am studying with Pixie Lighthorse.