soul counsel sessions


 a process of inner alchemy and multidimensional healing

Soul Counsel is an invitation for you to transform any blocks you are experiencing in your life into medicine for healing. 

During sessions we move beyond the logical/linear mind to feelings/sensations that are rooted in the body and the subconscious. The body holds every past experience in its very structure while the subconscious mind provides valuable information about core beliefs, perceptions and decisions. 

By bringing body sensations and subconscious experience into conscious awareness, you become empowered to make positive choices for your own evolution. You will learn how to move through difficult emotions and situations by connecting to your own intuition and creativity. Accessing your inner resources helps you to create new paths that better serve you instead of living in reactivity to your patterning.


Soul Counsel Sessions seek to meet you where you are. Every person is unique, and so the process for each person will reflect that. At the foundation, this work is a sacred conversation between Spirit and your Higher Self.

My role is a facilitator of this connection. I combine my many years of studies in the healing arts with my inborn empathic & claircognizant skills to support your self-healing journey.

I am here for you without judgement or ideas about how your life "should" be. Instead, I will be your ally and your healing guide as you begin to clear out old habits & patterns and unfold into the places that you are ready to grow into, helping you to create sustained transformation in your life.

Kristina is a truly gifted healer. She is smart, patient, creative, intuitive, and loving. In addition, she speaks her thoughts honestly and is never pushy. I leave each session feeling amazingly freer and lighter — even after we delve into some really difficult areas. And the healing doesn’t go away after the session but instead keeps building.
Karen Juster Hecht, Counselor at Law
“Kristina is an intuitive guide who brings both her own life experience and years of study to her practice. She is encouraging and humble, funny and personable. The questions she asks help me to see my habitual patterns clearly and her suggestions are always spot on and incredibly helpful. She knows how to listen not just to a person’s words but to what is beneath the surface.
Aurora Brackett, Ph.D.