The conscious empath


Welcome to the West, Conscious Empath.

To recap the South: You began by actively exploring your energetic field and energetic boundaries with the aura/peri-personal space exercise. Once you were grounded in your energetic field, the value of clearing this field on a regular basis was introduced. So now, you have a dual skill set - grounding and clearing - that can serve as the backbone of your own regular energetic hygiene practice. You explored emotions and boundaries and took your second healing journey to meet your boundary guide. You continued your exploration of energy bodies and feminine embodiment by learning about your third/fourth chakras and breast health.

Today you arrive in the WEST on the Medicine Wheel - a place of introspection, emotions, of giving voice to your truth. Here is where you reflect on the lessons learned in the South. It is in the West that you begin to work with shadow material, with the parts of yourself that are no longer in resonance. This self-examination leads to the release of what no longer works, like the skin shedding off a snake. Releasing asks you to surrender, to let go…. and oftentimes there can be sadness in the shedding. Even though what you are releasing isn’t working, it is what you know and therefore quite familiar. You must release that which is not longer serving you so that you can continue to evolve and awaken. Shadow work is working with the unconscious. The willingness to dig into these darker places, allowing outworn parts of the self to die is what moves you forward. It is in the West that you find more emotional maturity. The keyword is INTUITION, the shadow is HOLDING IN/HOLDING BACK and the medicine/antidote to the shadow is PERMISSION

In this module you will be learning about managing your energy by exploring ways your energy is everywhere but with you. We’ll look at energy leaks, energetic cords and energetic contracts, and how these entanglements can keep you from full access to your personal power.

You may wish to re-visit your intention(s) from the previous modules to see if it/they still feels resonant. Perhaps it does, and you would like to add another intention as you navigate the West, stringing your intentions together like a strand of prayer beads. Or perhaps you would like to shift your original intention to meet you where you are now... whatever feels in alignment with your heart is what is right for you.

Once you have completed your time in the West, you decide when (and if) you would like to move to the West with Module Three. You are in charge of your own healing and know what is right for you.

* I am presenting the SouLodge method of walking the Medicine Wheel, which I am studying with Pixie Lighthorse.