lunar cycle coaching


personalized guidance for women in transition

I use the phases of the moon + natal charts (your business or project has a natal chart too) + the current astrological weather to help you reach your long-term goals/projects. Whether you want to establish more efficient business practices, launch a program, write a book or simply cultivate more in-tune-ment with your own celestial timing, aligning with the lunar flow can help you find your way.

My years as a birthworker gave me a deep understanding of how much change occurs in three month increments. Working together for a "trimester" gives ample time for the transformation needed to birth a new creative project. I am skilled at assisting women navigate the unknown and have "birthed" many different offerings myself by following the Moon's journey through my own natal chart. 

Includes four 60 minute sessions each month. Sessions are timed with the major Moon phases - New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter. Investment $555/month. Three month minimum commitment. 

I am crazy about the moon. Kristina with accessible language and her gift as a teacher gave me insight into an understanding of la Luna. She brought the goddess archetype to my personal astrology, bringing awareness to areas in my life that needed attention. I highly recommend a session with Kristina if you are looking to bring the Moon in as a tool for understanding yourself better. Kristina is a soulful, kind and intuitive teacher.

Carrie-Anne Moss of Annapurna Living