New Moon in LIbra

October 8th, 2018 | 8:47 pm PDT

Kristina Line 4 (1).png

Today's New Moon is brought to you by a retrograde Venus in the murky waters of Scorpio. 

What do I mean by this? Each planet is said to "rule" certain signs, and Venus has two signs which are her territory - Libra and Taurus. Since this New Moon is in one of her signs, She is at the helm of this lunar boat we are riding, all month long.

Because she is the ruler of this lunation, her location & movements right now are key to understanding the deeper currents of this New Moon.

The first 10 degrees (or decan) of Scorpio is the territory Venus is currently traveling. She's been here since September 9th and will move slowly backwards over this territory until Halloween, when she steps back into Libra.

Venus in Scorpio is intense. I could say more, but let's leave it at that. Venus in the first decan of Scorpio is exposing skeletons and buried bodies in your psyche.

You can see her in the evening sky - look west after sunset. Go look, because she will disappear mid month or so. She is beginning her descent into the underworld where she will end and begin her 584-cycle. Next time we see her, she will be in the morning sky.

The ancients saw the west as the gate of death; after all, the Sun died there each day, only to be reborn in the east the next morning.

And that is what Venus is doing. Preparing to die, to be transformed. To transmute the poisons lingering inside of the hidden compulsions, desires and obsessions that are buried deep inside.

It's not easy, in fact, it might be quite painful. And it is necessary if you want to liberate yourself from your own neurosis.

In his amazing book, 36 Faces, Austin Coppock calls the first decan of Scorpio “A Jawbone”. He begins the chapter with these words: “In the first face of Scorpio hunger awakens. Needs stir and then open a hundred eyes.”

And later, “Though this may seem a particularly tortured decan, it is merely one which exposes a hard truth. Confronting the cycle, we are less bound to it, and less blind, then if we ignored it.”

This New Moon in Libra, Venus asks:

How satisfied are you with the flavor of your relationships right now?

Do you feel well nourished, stuffed to overfull, starving?

Can you taste your true desires? Would you allow yourself to wake up to the truth of them?

What commitments & agreements have you made, conscious or unconscious, and do you want to continue living in this way?

Venus is in the via combusta right now, the fiery path. She wants the truth, and is ready to shed her own falsity to reclaim it.

Are you?

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