new moon in aquarius / partial solar eclipse

February 15th, 2018 / / 1:05 pm PST


image: The Star - Goddess of Hope by Emily Balivet

Dear one,

During the past two weeks, it might have felt as though you were traveling through a hall of mirrors.

That Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31st brought a lot of feelings to the surface; we've all been navigating the distorted stories that can accompany emotional intensity.

You can either work with what is arising, or bury it - the choice is yours. 

With skillful means and scrupulous honesty, this pressure can produce a diamond like clarity of what needs completion. Avert your eyes from your own shadow and you may find yourself in denial, or worse - projecting your shadows onto others.

The New Moon in Aquarius with it's accompanying partial solar eclipse offers a stellar opportunity to completely release an outworn narrative. 

Whatever dead weight you are ready to shed - the time is now.

Flashes of insight are available, fresh starts are yours if you are bold enough to claim them. 

May you be brave enough to be YOU.

Lunar Love, 

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