last quarter moon in leo

friday, november 10th, 2017 // 12:36 pm PST


There is a lot going on in the cosmic weather right now!

Not only is it a last quarter moon, but La Luna is on the North Node in Leo. If you'll remember, the nodes are where eclipses happen, and this was the node where our August total solar eclipse occurred. 

In addition to the usual tension of a last quarter square, we've got the potential for a rebound or echo effect from the August eclipse in the area of your life that was being activated at that time.

A re-clipse if you will.

While the Sun is squaring the nodes of fate past, present and future timestreams are converging.

Wherever there are squares there can be struggles. And wherever there are struggles there is an opportunity to redirect the energy and respond in a new way.

Meanwhile, all three of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars) are in detriment. This simply means each of these planets is currently occupying a sign that is opposite a sign that they rule.

The result is that each of these personal planets are not acting as fluently as they would on their home turf or a sign that is less stressful. So... interpersonally, things might feel a bit clunky for a while.

Mercury is preparing for a retrograde (December 3rd - 22nd) and so  will be in Sagittarius through January 11th. Just in time for the holidays!

Venus is about to descend into the underworld through the portal of Scorpio she moves from morning to evening sky. She will be out of view from November 16th/17th through early March 2018.

Last but not least, let's not forget the Saturn/Uranus trine on 11/11!

All this + Moon sign changes for the upcoming week in today's audio.

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