full moon eclipse in leo

A few points I did not mention in the audio:

#1) Tomorrow's Full Moon eclipse is on the North Node of the Moon. This is another reason it is a preview of the future.

The Lunar Nodes are an evolutionary path across the zodiac. The North Node is the head of the dragon, the path forward, and the NN in your natal chart is connected to your dharma in this lifetime.

The South Node is the tail of the dragon, things we carry with us, where we are rooted. The SN in your natal chart is connected to the past, and to your ancestral and personal karma.

#2) A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is not going to be a spectacular viewing phenomenon. The Moon is passing in the outer shadows of the Earth's shadow and will not become fully eclipsed. It is still quite powerful and will be felt on an energetic level. 

#3) The fire trine with the Moon, Saturn and Uranus is like a cosmic reboot to our systems. Uranus rules electrical impulses (think nervous system and energy bodies such as chakras, nadis & meridians) and Saturn is all about structure/form (think skin, teeth and bones) while the Moon is our physical body, habits, emotions and what brings us comfort. 

All of this fire energy is super cleansing and transformative; yet, fire burning out of control becomes destructive. Consider how you are managing your own creative fire. Feed it instead of your temper. 

p.s. I cussed in the report. Twice. So please listen with headphones if you are near ears that you don't want to hear my sailor mouth.