Lunar Astrology is a simple and powerful technique to apply to your life. Practicing over time will bring you into a more nuanced understanding of your own inner rhythms & patterns.

Tracking the Moon through the Zodiac and/or your Natal chart each lunar cycle will clearly reveal the warp and weave of your personal emotional landscape as well as the collective mood

You'll become aware of sensitive points in your natal chart, your superpowers and kryptonite

You'll know what phases of the Moon make you feel most alive and what phases are your normal time to rest and recharge.

You'll have more understanding of the moods and energy levels of others.

Ultimately, deepening your unique connection to the ebbs and flows of the Moon and your Mood will remind you that life is always changing, and that this moment is only a phase of a larger whole.

Your Lunar Astrology Practice will help you develop more resilience to the ups and downs of life, as well as deeper compassion for yourself & others.

Some of the topics we will cover in this 90 minute Masterclass include:

  • Symbol: The Moon in astrology

  • Astronomy: Phases of the Moon

  • SuperMoons and MicroMoons: Perigee & Apogee

  • Energetics of the Moon phases: Ebb and Flow of Daily Life

  • Signs of the Zodiac: 4 elements, 12 archetypal energy fields

  • Astrological houses: The rooms of your natal chart

  • Planets and other Celestial Bodies: A brief introduction to the Cosmic Players

  • Void of course Moon: A built in pause

WHEN: Wednesday, September 5th at 11 am PDT; class is 90 minutes with time for Q & A at the end.

WHERE: Anywhere in the world! This class will be held on ZOOM and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

WHAT: You will receive a recording of the class + a PDF playbook for note taking and tracking the Moon. 


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You will receive a brief audio recording* each time the Moon moves into a new sign during the lunar cycle. I will let you know what aspects the Moon will be making to other planets along with any other major astrological happenings. 

This is the perfect way to build upon what you learn in the Lunar Astrology Masterclass as these audio transmissions will help you stay on track and refine your practice

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*You will receive a minimum of 12 audios per lunar cycle, with bonus audios for special astrological occurrences. To get a sense of my style of audio astro guidance, check out my latest Lunar Astrology Report