luminous living

Are you at the threshold of change?

You might have a very clear goal in mind or you may simply be bumping up against some invisible roadblocks in your personal evolution. Whatever "it" is that has you reading these words, you know that you are ready for the next iteration of you to be born. And, you desire to be held by a circle of supportive sisters during the process.

Luminous Living is a 3-month program that will help you deepen your connection to your truth so that you can cross whatever threshold you are approaching in your life.




Luminous Living is mastermind meets mentorship meets Moonshine.

We will work with the 4 major Moon phases to bring whatever is wanting to be born into form. We do this by following the Moon as she ebbs and flows through three lunar cycles.

Her waxing and waning is a roadmap, as the journey toward the threshold is not a straight line. There are times when you will be bursting with momentum and times where you will need to slow down, rest and integrate.

I'll let you in on a little secret...staying true to your own natural rhythms and cycles of creative flow actually brings a greater productivity in your life.



I am bringing my skills as a counselor, facilitator and soul midwife + my intuitive astromagic to co-create a transformative experience for each participant of Luminous Living. 

You will receive:

  • Three 60-minute Intuitive Astrology Sessions with Kristina (one per lunar cycle)
  • New Moon + Full Moon group calls (6 total)
  • First Quarter Moon + Last Quarter Moon video (6 total)
  • Audios, creative prompts, rituals along the way
  • Email support for the duration of the program
  • Optional FB group for connecting
  • Luminous Living is limited to 8 women.

Enrollment for the Spring Circle is full; Join my mailing list (link in footer) to be notified when enrollment for the Summer Circle opens. 

Have questions? Schedule a Visioning Call with me to see if Luminous Living is for you.