Dear Lunar Woman ~ 

Are you an astro-enthusiast who reads all the blogs, listens to the reports and tunes in with the Moon on a regular basis?

You know there is value in understanding cosmic weather patterns, that your life is a part of a bigger conversation...

You know your Sun sign, and probably your Moon & Rising signs too.

Still, truth be told, you feel a little lost when it comes to putting it all together in your own natal (birth) chart. 

You want to learn, but get a little overwhelmed with all the information coming your way. 

What if I told you that learning Astrology doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary?

That it can be fun and exciting?

It can! This is why I've created Vibrate the Cosmos - an Astro Wisdom School for women.

Vibrate the Cosmos is a 15-month journey into the practical magic of Astrology. Join a group of like-minded lunar loving women who are ready to crack the code of their astrological DNA, aka the natal chart.

I believe that understanding your Natal Astrology is your cosmic birthright. 

Your natal astrology chart  is unique to you and tells the story of your own personal mythology. It is a reflection of your strengths, challenges and potentials that offer guidance to your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 

When you understand your innate cosmic wiring you can see your own patterns and cycles more clearly and with more compassion. This supports you in re-claiming parts of yourself that are ready to awaken, integrating aspects of yourself that you have exiled and celebrating what is already in flow.