goddess codes

Reclaiming the Feminine through AstroMythology


a 9 month journey beginning friday, september 13th


The Goddess Codes Program is a 9 month journey into Feminist Astrology. I have been developing this body of work for years. It merges 3 streams - my experience as a practicing astrologer & educator, my work in women’s cycles of health & wellness, and my lived experience as a woman - creating a unique educational experience.

The Goddess is within - you need not seek her outside of yourself.

One of the ways to connect with Goddess energy is to explore the Goddess planetary bodies in your natal chart. In astrology, the “feminine” is often limited to the Moon and Venus, which makes for a very unbalanced playing field in the astrological lexicon. When the first four asteroids of the asteroid belt were discovered in the 1800’s, each one was named after Greek & Roman Goddesses of antiquity.

Some astrologers began integrating the asteroid Goddesses into their work during the 1970’s. This began to expand the feminine astro consciousness beyond the Moon/motherhood and Venus/sexualized femininity, an important step in women’s rights during the second wave of feminism in the 20th century.

The stories attached to each of these Goddesses was and still is a patriarchal reshaping of their original narratives.

All of these Goddesses have multi-layered myths and stories. The top layer is made up of stories spun from the lens of the patriarchal paradigm, stories that you may be unconsciously enacting in your life. Beneath the topsoil we find the bedrock of the Mother, the older myths revealing a more empowered face of the Goddess.

She has been driven underground for centuries.
And, She is rising, ready to be remembered.

As women in the 21st century, we have the opportunity to examine the coding of these Goddess myths within our own psyches. This conscious unpacking, healing and integration of the fractured feminine allows you to move forward with awareness, dismantling your own inner patriarchy bit by bit.



Reclaim to reframe

We will learn how the patriarchal story for the asteroid or planetary Goddess we are working with is running in our individual & collective psyche. We will allow the richness of the matriarchal soil to infuse the Goddess with her origin story, widening the perspective of her meaning in the chart. We will consider how to reclaim and reframe this Goddess in the current sociopolitical landscape, updating her identity for the 21st century.

Embody the reframe

Suggested journal prompts will help you live into the energies of each Goddess. It’s important that your new knowledge moves from ideas to embodied experience in your day to day life. I will be creating yoga nidra practices working with the monthly Moon/Venus conjunctions. These meditations will be working through the chakra system from the root to crown.

Mend the fractured feminine

As you reprogram your relationship to each aspect of the Goddess within you, you begin to heal parts of yourself that were broken/lost/damaged during your life. You will redefine your definition of each asteroid and planetary Goddess archetype, directing the energy and expression in your life with intention & awareness.

Dismantle the inner patriarchy

Creating a paradigm beyond patriarchy is an inside job. As you integrate each Celestial Goddess archetype, your own experience of healing ripples into the collective. As we share what we are discovering with each other, we are modeling what change looks like in real time. Your self-empowerment empowers others and will help to direct the evolution of women beyond the classroom.



The program will bring each Celestial Goddess archetype into your conscious awareness in a sequential process, bringing awareness to how cultural programming “activates” the coding of the patriarchal Goddess stories at certain ages. Reflecting on these times in your life with curiosity & compassion will reveal how each Celestial Goddess energy moves through you now, and how you might like to shift your relationship to her.


Venus is stamped onto all bodies presenting as female at birth. We will investigate how earliest models and relationships to the feminine inform your understanding of what it means to be a “girl” or “woman”.


Pallas Athena is the key to your creative thinking, instinctual wisdom, and innate healing powers. What was your experience in childhood education? Were intuition and intellect held in equal value in your family?


Vesta is the keeper of the sacred flame. Her pre-Greek roots reveal her to carry esoteric teachings about sexual energy. The virgin/whore archetype split can show up here, impacting your relationship to your sexual energy.


Often thought of as the Goddess of marriage, Juno wants commitment & equality in relationships. Jealousy and competition are some of the distorted ways she is expressed in women.


Ceres is about nurturing of creative projects, children included. She is connected to true nourishment, of the body and the earth’s body. Her cycles of loss often weave her story into the mother/daughter relationship.


Black Moon Lilith brings teachings about the power, psychology & politics of feminine sexuality. Shame and self-sabotage and other “dark” impulses from the shadowlands are explored with Black Moon Lilith.


Eris is known as the Goddess of Discord. She represents a feminine warrior who boldly smashes the patriarchy whenever she can. She takes a stand through disrupting the status quo through a mixture of grief & rage.


Sedna brings themes of betrayal & abandonment, especially betrayal of the feminine by the masculine. She shows us where we have lost power, and how we can move from victim to victory by calling back our power.


Choose a Goddess archetype from the asteroid belt that speaks to you. This will help you to deepen into your personal astro mythology. Students will have the opportunity to share & tell a Goddess story in our final class.



  • 2 live calls per month

  • PDF playbook for each class

  • PDF copy of your natal chart

  • Moongate yoga nidra audios

Private Instagram page for visual exploration of the archetypes, writing prompts & more

BONUS PDF - Astrology 101
BONUS: Lunar Astrology Masterclass + Workbook

BONUS AUDIO - Decolonizing the Moon: the Triple Goddess & the missing 4th Archetype


Do I need to have any experience with astrology to join this program? This program is for any woman who wants to dive deep into the archetypes of the Goddesses in astrology & the natal chart. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join. Enrollment includes a BONUS Astrology 101 PDF introducing the building blocks of astrology.

When does the program begin? We begin on Friday, September 13th 2019.

What is the time commitment required? 2 hours of live calls per month plus any extra time on your end. 

Date & times of calls: 2nd Fridays & 4th Mondays of the month, September 2019 - June 2020. Times TBD.

Where are the live calls held? All of our calls with be held on Zoom, a free video platform with dial in options.

What if I can't make a live call? All calls will be recorded and links sent to you within 24 hours of class. 

How do the Friday calls work? These are live teaching calls where I will be introducing the Goddess we will be working with over the course of the month. These calls include key teachings on the Goddess archetype, her expression in each zodiac sign & house, how to work with the Goddess archetype in your natal chart.

How do the Monday calls work? This is for questions that have come forward after working with Goddess for 2 weeks, and for integration of the material. We will look at where planet/asteroid we are studying is currently traveling in the zodiac to learn what she is transmitting to the collective in real time.

What supplies do I need? A computer, tablet or smartphone with high-speed internet for live calls & access to the Ruzuku platform. Notebook(s) for taking notes with lots of mark making objects, or your favorite note taking computer program. A lunar calendar and/or a lunar app is highly recommended. 

How long do I have access to the lessons? You will be able to download & keep all PDF’s & yoga nidra meditaiton audios. All materials remain in the classroom for viewing at any time during or after the program.

Where is the content housed? All materials will be housed on Ruzuku in a beautiful online classroom. I've chosen Ruzuku because it is easy to navigate, allows you to mark your progress in the course + we are able to have conversation threads integrated into the lessons.

Will we be working with our natal charts in class? I will teach you how to work with your natal charts. If you want personalized guidance in working with the Goddesses in your natal chart consider investing in the Goddess Codes VIP package. Each month during the program you’ll receive a 30 minute Intuitive Astrology Consult where we’ll look at the Celestial Goddess we are working with that month in your chart. We’ll also look at any transits that are activating these celestials. You are responsible for booking your sessions each month. Sessions are non transferable.

What are MoonGate yoga nidra audios? Yoga nidra is a sleep-based, guided meditation. During yoga nidra, you move from awakened state to a sleeping state without entering the dream state, maintaining a sliver of conscious awareness. As your body relaxes, you become open to erasing emotional and mental patterns that are holding you back, combining the benefits of meditation with the benefits of sleep. I’ll be creating yoga nidras that will help you embody the energy of the monthly Moon/Venus conjunction, aka MoonGate. These yoga nidras will work sequentially through your chakra system, from root to crown.

What is your refund policy? I am creating a sacred container for deep listening and learning with this course. If you choose to invest please honor your yes as all sales are final. There are no refunds once you have enrolled; if you choose a monthly payment plan you are responsible for all 9 payments and your credit card will continue to be charged until payment is complete.