cosmic guidance through the lunar cycle

By the Light of the Moon is a monthly membership containing video and audio astrological guidance that is woven into the container of the Lunar Cycle. My intention with this offering is to show you how to work with the celestial energies instead of being worked by them. In the MoonClub, we celebrate the joy of the feel good transits and learn how challenging times can become opportunities for empowerment.


Each lunar cycle begins with a New Moon - a meeting of the Moon and Sun in one sign of the zodiac. This lunar/solar connection creates an energetic frequency that is carried by the Moon for the entire lunar cycle.

Every week the lunar/solar connections shifts as the Moon waxes and wanes. Actions and intentions created at the New Moon are challenged by the First Quarter Moon phase. Activity reaches a peak at the Full Moon phase and begins to release at the Last Quarter Moon phase.

Kristina explains things in a beautiful, easy to understand way. I love the balance between receiving Kristina’s guidance and building my own confidence in understanding the planetary movements and how that affects my natal chart.
— Jenny McDonald
This is a great way to organize my thoughts and feelings that I may not be able to sort out on my own, as well as a way to view my world with a fresh perspective. The connections between what Kristina says and what’s going on in my life are uncanny.
— Ami King
When you first mentioned By the Light of the Moon, I felt such a resonance in me and wanted so much to join. It has more than met my expectations - it is such a wonderful, warm offering that makes my heart happy and makes me feel ready for the week ahead.
Ash-lee Jeanne of MoonZoulMagic
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I create videos and audios that help you align with the Moon’s wisdom as she waxes and wanes, teaching you how to ebb and flow with whatever phase of life you are experiencing.

Receiving astrological guidance each week will prepare you for any road bumps up ahead. New and Full Moon horoscopes for each sign narrow the focus of the lunation so that you can work with the cosmic energy in a more nuanced way.

If you like, you can learn how to follow the Moon through your own natal chart, deepening your connection with your own intuition & magic. You’ll receive access to my Lunar Astrology Masterclass when you join!


  • 4 astrology videos each month: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, Last Quarter Moon.

  • Group tarot & oracle readings w/in the videos to help you ground into & work with the current astrology.

  • New + Full Moon audio horoscopes for each sign.

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This is a month to month membership, cancel at any time. 

I open the doors to the MoonClub for about 72 hours each month, at the end of the lunar cycle.

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