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Every lunar cycle begins with a New Moon - a meeting of the Moon and Sun in a particular degree of the zodiac. Because of this connection, the Moon becomes infused with the energy of whichever zodiac sign the Sun is visiting. This brings a different energetic signature to each New Moon, one that she carries with her as she changes phases and signs over the course of the lunar cycle.

New Moon AstroTarot Readings offer you personalized guidance for the upcoming lunar cycle based on this New Moon placement in your birth chart combined with a tarot reading. A total of five cards are drawn - a theme card for the lunar cycle along with one card for each of the major Moon phases: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon. The result is a multi-dimensional tapestry that unfolds over the lunar month. 

How it works: After you place your order, you will be taken from PayPal to a form here on my website. You will be asked to submit your birth data and answer a few questions. Once your form is sent, our connection is made and the alchemy begins. You will receive an mp3 recording of the reading plus a photograph of your tarot/oracle cards within 24 hours of the next New Moon.

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Kristina’s Astro-Tarot reading was amazing. She had such impeccable insight through this combination of chart reading and cards. Her reading was right on in terms of my struggles and it validated lots of feelings I’d had but somehow still resisted. It put so many things in perspective. She also made a couple of observations in my chart that I’ve continued pondering every day since the reading. The best part is that the cards provide a direction for action which is unusual in a simple chart reading. If you’re thinking about it just do it! It’s really worth it!
Jill Doneen Luminous Muse Healing
Kristina’s astro-tarot readings have me laughing, swooning, unearthing, crying, and connecting those last unseen pieces into place so I can see clearly. To me, these readings bring the above and below into unity to birth a tremendous support for my soul craft each lunar cycle. I love listening to the reading all cycle long to connect and do the work that is happening within me. I find her spot on with her insights and I love how she weaves the wisdom from these two perspectives. Kristina’s take on astrology can have a practical application which is super helpful to me. Her sense of humor keep a potentially serious space light and fun...which makes it so easy to revisit often. These readings lay out a check point for my life and I am finding them SO helpful to navigate my path. As a “healer” in my own very-earthy way, I need support too, and I find Kristina’s astro-tarot readings a perspective that nourishes, challenges, and fills in the blanks of my own medicine.
Nissa Howard Soul Crafter, Sacred Individualist & Free Range Medicine Woman