Overview of March 2019

The real purification with water
Is to bathe in the essence of eternity
And stand in your true body —
Stunning autonomy, luminous bliss,
Invisible consciousness pulsating
Always, in every direction.
— Radiance Sutras, Insight Verse 152, translated by Lorin Roche
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We begin the month with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Vesta all in Pisces, placing a strong emphasis on creativity and mysticism.

There’s also a slow and blurry feeling due to the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, our first of the year.

Don’t let that lull you into thinking this month has no action.

Both the New Moon in Pisces (March 6th) and the Full Moon in Libra (March 20th) bring some cosmic wow to the table.

We’ll have spikes of astro intensity peppered throughout the month, including Uranus’ power move into Taurus right before the New Moon.

The astrology of March asks: what dreams are you devoted to?

It’s time to adjust your inner pilot light to reflect your answer.

The planetary pile up in Pisces can lead to confusion & uncertainty.

Emotional overwhelm is possible.

You might even feel a strong desire to check out with old addictive behaviors.

The urge to merge will be strong this month.

If you identify as an empath it will be extra important for you to clear yourself of other people’s energy. Flex your energetic boundaries.

March is not a month of logical knowing.

It is a month of listening to your intuition.

Ride the waves with as much grace as possible.

Dive into self-healing work when you have the opportunity.

Surrender to the flow of March and you will exit the month renewed. 

On a practical, embodied level, everyone will benefit from drinking extra water this month.

Clearing the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system and paying extra attention to your feet are all good places to focus.


MERCURY RETROGRADE IN PISCES from March 5th - 28th. Take time out for review in order to integrate a deep healing.

Theme: Subconscious spelunking. You are seeking buried treasure in the shipwreck of your narrative.

Keywords: Healing, Spirit, Creativity, Forgiveness, Renewal.

It’s time to rethink and reframe the activation of the old wound that has arisen from Chiron’s time in Pisces. Are you stuck in victimhood? You have the power to rewrite your story from any point of view you choose. March is the month to do it.

URANUS IN TAURUS is breaking new ground in your life on March 6th, initiating an 8 year cycle of change in your life. Look to your Taurus house to get an idea of what part of your life is about to get free.

Theme: Shaking up the unshakable. Liberate yourself from your own inertia in a key area of your life.

Keywords: Embodiment, Values, Feminine, Liberation, Resources.

Slow down, steady yourself for big shifts. Make changes before the change makes you. What are you resisting? Where are you bored? What feels stale? Start there.

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3/1: Venus enters AQUARIUS: After a month of getting clear on priorities and responsibilities, Venus finds freedom of expression in Aquarius. Sometimes chided for being a bit chilly, Venus in Aquarius can help you detach from emotional tentacles that threaten to take you down. Venus will have the eagle eye view from March 1st - 25th, reminding you to come up for air as needed.

3/2: Moon conjunct Venus in AQUARIUS: The Balsamic Moon and Venus meet at the 4th MoonGate. It’s an invitation to remove any armor that keeps you from feeling the guidance of your heart. It has been doing it’s best to protect you, but perhaps the protection has turned into a barrier. Bless it as you shed it, opening to the radiance that shines brighter than the Sun.

Kristina Line 4 (1).png