a circuit breaker of a full moon

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Monday 9/9: We begin the week in a bit of a fugue state as the Moon meanders void-of-course in Capricorn all morning. The mood shifts when she moves into Aquarius mid afternoon. New ideas are waiting.

Tuesday 9/10: Today is as slippery as a fish. The Sun’s annual opposition to Neptune dissolves your ability to stay on task. The Moon goes void-of-course in the morning and stays void for 24+ hours, making it hard to follow through.

Wednesday 9/11: The void of course Moon keeps you hanging all day as pressure builds about a deadline. It’s also the last day to enroll in Goddess Codes - Reclaiming the Feminine through Astro-Mythology.

Thursday 9/12: Luna slips into Pisces in the wee hours and your dreams change from black and white to technicolor. The Mars/Jupiter square has you going back and forth about a project you began mid-July. Should you stay the course or switch paths? Walk away from the project if you can't make up your mind; pushing through when you aren't sure will likely bring consequences you don't want later.


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Friday 9/13: The Mars/Neptune showdown activates your inner critic. Meanwhile a Mercury/Venus kiss shows you how to unify your heart & your mind. Remember that love is stronger than fear, a sentiment amplified by the waxing Moon’s approach to Neptune. The Sun and Pluto work together to show you how to let go & celebrate as the Full Moon arrives on the west coast.

Saturday 9/14: We're still under the influence of the disco Full Moon today. Mercury and Venus continue to frolic through the zodiac when lady love follows the winged messenger into Libra. This is a boon for Venus as she moves from a place of difficulty into a sign that she rules. Venus in Libra is like honey, harmonizing tense situations with her diplomacy. Mercury is happy to assist in bringing more fairness into communications during his sojourn in Libra.

Sunday 9/15: Today is bereft of any major aspects save for a waning Aries Moon’s conjunction with Chiron & square to Saturn. Do your best to keep a cool head as you adjust to the new astro altitude. All of a sudden the landscape has changed - Thursday’s blocked path seems to have resolved on it’s own.

Kristina Line 4 (1).png