ASTRO VIBE July 1 - 7

Lots of the pressure will come from the two eclipses this month. They say that eclipses are the wild cards in astrology. Yet, there are patterns to to be found within them if you know how to look. This eclipse season reanimates themes from 19 years ago, when the eclipses were happening in the same degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. Look back in your life to the year 2000 to decode your personal eclipse season transformation.

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Let’s face it - Mars, and your ability to get what you want - have felt a bit stuck and or blocked for a while. These past 6 weeks in Cancer were rough going! Mars’s move into Leo will light some fires, bringing an increase of energy & enthusiasm. This is the golden transit of eclipse season, keeping us going when things get too soggy.

Mars in Leo has access to the fuel it needs to get the job done. Even if that job is playing really hard. Mars will get a special boost from Jupiter on July 25th. Watch out for the usual Leo shadow behaviors like acting out and inflated ego. Leo does love drama. At it’s best, Mars in Leo motivates you take action from your heart, giving just as much (or more!) as you get.

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One of the most powerful New Moons in 2019 arrives today. Cancer Moons are very fertile, and this New Moon is pregnant with potential for growth and healing over the next 6 months.

New Moons are always an opportunity to plant seeds and start new things; the energy of the total solar eclipse makes this particular New Moon extra potent. This North Node eclipse in the sign of Cancer signifies a time of birthing new ways of nurturing family, home, emotions & the inner world.

During a total solar eclipse the Moon covers the Sun creating a break in the auric field of the earth. This energy can help you to cut ties with the past in order to begin anew. For in depth guidance on this New Moon + the lunar cycle of July check out my lunar astrology membership circle By the Light of the Moon.

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Venus is on a journey of purification this summer, as the planet itself has vanished from the sky, traveling in the Underworld (out of our view) for the next three months. She is the last of the personal planets to pass through the tender, thorny territory of Cancer, preparing to oppose the South Node/Saturn/Pluto trifecta in Capricorn.

Notice what is tugging on your heartstrings and your response to these tugs. These are clues to places you may have compromised your heart’s needs in order to stay safe. It’s easy to justify the means, but are you satisfied with the results? How can you give yourself more of what you need to feel nourished? Venus in Cancer has the answers.

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Today begins the second (of three) Mercury retrogrades in 2019 and the usual Mercury retrograde shenanigans may apply: delays in travel & technology and confusing conversations. The first and last weeks of the retrograde are when Mercury is moving the slowest and things are the wonkiest.

Retrogrades give you an opportunity to retrace your steps and rewire your neural pathways. Mercury begins this mid-year review in Leo but returns to Cancer on July 18th where it will remain until stationing direct on July 31st. This retrograde journey alchemizes fire and water. It can reveal the pathway to bravely speak your heart’s truth without drowning in an emo tidal wave.

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JULY 1 - 7

We begin the week with the Moon waning in GEMINI .
All dates and times are calculated for the pacific time zone.

Moon v/c @ 2:48 pm, Moon enters CANCER 6:24 pm

7/2: New Moon 10° CANCER 38’ @ 12:16 pm 7/3 (Total Solar Eclipse)

7/2: Moon v/c @ 7:25 am, Moon enters LEO @ 10:41 pm

7/4: Moon PrG in LEO @ 10 pm, Moon v/c @ 11:24 pm

7/5: Moon enters VIRGO @ 9:25 pm

7/7: Moon v/c @ 9:50 am, Moon enters LIBRA @ 11:07 pm

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