Astrology of November 2018

they were wrong.
this pain, this heartache,
these harmful habits,
they don't last forever

why? because the heart
is made of water and
the mind is made of fire -
the essence of both is change

the will to heal can remove
the deepest stains on our spirit

yung pueblo

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Big changes are coming in November. Not only do the Nodes of the Moon shift, but Jupiter begins a year long journey in Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign that it rules. Our collective pulse moves to a lunar beat with the North Node’s movement into Cancer as a waterlogged Jupiter makes it’s way home to stoke the fires of optimism and hope.

The North Node nodes move from fire to water as Jupiter moves from water to fire. The elements are the same, but rearranged, inviting us into a new form of alchemy for the next year.

The New Moon in Scorpio is tucked in between these two big astro shifts above, arriving on Wednesday, November 7th. The New Moon offers you a moment and pause, reflecting on the past year that Jupiter has been deep diving in Scorpio.

Some questions to consider this New Moon:

  • What truths have emerged over the last year?

  • Where have you made changes that help you embody and live these truths?

  • What are you the most excited about going forward?

Full Moon in Gemini lights up the sky on Thursday/Friday November 22/23. With the Sun, Jupiter & Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius opposite the Moon, it promises to be live wire of a lunation with plenty of hot air to go around!

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The nodes of the Moon are moving from Leo (ruled by the Sun) to Cancer (ruled by the Moon) for the next 18 months. This is where eclipses will occur for that time period; look to the Cancer/Capricorn axis in your natal chart to see which areas of your life are ready for some housecleaning.

The North Node in Cancer emphasizes emotional intelligence and the need to feel nurtured and safe. We’ll see new ideas and concepts coming to life around creating family, with the old guard (South Node in Capricorn) continues to try to erase & marginalize alternative family structures.


Jupiter has been deep diving in Scorpio since October 10, 2017, looking for the truth beneath the lies. We’ve seen a lot of secrets exposed (#metoo + #timesup movements are two examples) alongside a major backlash to the progressive evolution of culture.

Jupiter changes signs on a Thursday which is the day of the week he rules. Plus, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius so this combination is a major power move for this gas giant. King Jupiter is playing on home turf for the next year, ready to celebrate after a year of emotional intensity.

As an archer, Sagittarius is aiming the bow and arrow upward and outward. Sagittarius is a centaur, half human and half horse. Those horses legs want to explore every terrain of life while the human mind makes meaning from experience.

Adventure calls for Jupiter in Sagittarius, as does the quest for truth, both personal and universal. It’s a thin line between faith & fanaticism, one that Jupiter can steamroll over without thinking twice if you aren’t careful.

Look for Sagittarius in your natal chart to see what area of your life is about to get bigger. Make a plan on how you’d like to work with and shape this energy now so that you don’t end up letting this planetary placement blow it up without your consensus.


Mars has been traveling in Capricorn and Aquarius since mid March of this year! This is because we had a Mars retrograde from June 26th - August 27th, which narrowed the playing field. Traditionally Mars isn’t the happiest in water signs, as this planet is all about action. Mars in Pisces can help you define and defend your emotional boundaries this holiday season.


Now visible in the morning skies, Venus hovers at 25° Libra from November 11th - 22nd as she pivots into forward motion. She’ll retrace the steps of her retrograde in late Libra and early Scorpio from November 16th until December 13th, completing and closing out whatever review you’ve been engaged with during the past 40 days. Note that Venus stationed retrograde and direct on Fridays, the day of the week she rules.

Themes we’ve all been investigating during this Venus retrograde include love, money, relationships, self-worth and values. Look to Libra and Scorpio in your natal chart to see where Venus has been dancing in your own life.


Just in time to bring a little chaos into holiday celebrations, the trickster Mercury makes it’s third and final retrograde of 2018 hours after Venus stations direct. What to watch out for: Mercury in Sagittarius can get very self-righteous in it’s pursuit of “truth”. Plan on the usual shenanigans with travel & transit and do your best to steer clear of engaging in verbal battles at the dinner table that are likely to lead to miscommunication & indigestion.


The Sun shines it’s light through the Sagittarian lens of optimism, hope & faith. Bigger is better is the MO in this mutable fire sign. Jupiter’s co-presence in Sagittarius (it’s sign of rulership) over the next 30 days could tilt toward excess in all realms if you aren’t careful. For a more nuanced understanding of these transits, find Sagittarius in your natal chart and see what area of your life you are ready to expand.


Creative dreams gain wings as Neptune looks toward the horizon instead of lingering on the shore. We’ve been in a bit of a fog since Neptune stationed retrograde on June 16th, blurring the lines between fact & fiction. Now the mists are clearing and you can begin to see your next creative project coming into form. Dreams and visions from the past months begin to make sense as you start applying these insights in your daily life.



The meeting of Sun and Jupiter in uplifting Sagittarius helps you harness some major gravitational pull from the cosmos! This means that you can access & align with this energy by making a wish about something you’d like to grow into over the next year. Hone in by looking at your natal chart and seeing where Sagittarius lives and vision into that area of your life; luck is on your side today.


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