ASTRO VIBE April 1 - 7



Three is the magic number.

You’ve been here before, on February 18th and March 24th to be exact. With this third and final Mercury/Neptune meeting in Pisces, it’s time to reflect on the past three weeks and your experience of the Mercury retrograde.

What is your takeaway from this time? Has your point of view shifted? What deep sea treasures have you harvested from the recesses of your psyche? Things might be murky, and if you can’t find logical answers yet, don’t push it. Trust your intuition and feel your way through.

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Where are you giving away your power?

Pluto’s visit to the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn arrives with the dark of the Moon - the final 24 hours of the lunar cycle. It is is an invitation to purge, to shed the thoughts/behaviors/habits that have control over you.

It’s likely that you have plenty of material to work with post Mercury retrograde. There’s no need to use force. It’s not about controlling the situation, or anyone else. It’s about surrendering the need for any type of outer authority so that you can own your true power and authentic expression. When you feel yourself pushing - soften.

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Becoming a diamond.

This New Moon activates the desire to start something new. With Mars in Gemini fueling this lunation, the ideas are coming fast and furious. You’ve got motivation and energy - but something seems to be getting in your way.

That something would be Saturn, who insists that you pause a moment to strategize. You need to make plans and structures to implement the ideas bursting forth. The pressure is here to hone your mastery.

What is the one thing you can truly commit your energy to? What would it be like if you allowed this to be an object of both discipline and devotion? How could that support you in following through with your idea/project/goal?

There may be some wounds around abandoning past projects, or times where things didn’t shake out as you’d hoped. Transmute the poison into medicine, commit to your vision and create conditions for your own definition of success.

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APRIL 1 - 7

We begin the week with the Moon waning in Pisces -
all dates and times are calculated for the pacific time zone.

4/1: Moon enters PISCES @ 7:48 am

4/3: Moon v/c @ 8:36 am, Moon enters ARIES @ 7:56 pm

4/5: New Moon 15° ARIES 17’ @ 1:50 am

4/5: Moon v/c @ 7:15 pm

4/6: Moon enters TAURUS @ 6:06 am

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