The conscious empath


Welcome to the South, Conscious Empath. 

In the East you began your journey around the Medicine Wheel. You claimed your intention and built an altar dedicated to Yourself as Sacred Space. You learned that your number one tool in setting healthy boundaries is grounding, and (hopefully) have been grounding yourself regularly. The concepts of empathy and empaths were introduced, specifically in the context of self-care and healthy boundaries being part of self-care. Finally, you took a healing journey where you set up your own energetic Medicine Wheel, affirming that YOU ARE SACRED SPACE. You began an exploration of your energy centers and feminine embodiment, learning about your amazing pelvis and wombspace.

Today you arrive in the SOUTH - the place of action, movement, growth and creativity.  Here is where the idea that was born in the East is being worked in the material world. There is much movement, growth and enthusiasm found in the South. There are lessons to be learned and you will adjust your course accordingly. There is a lot of momentum in the South, so that the idea/intention that was birthed in the East can move forward and grow.  The keyword in the SOUTH  is ACTION, the shadow is STAGNANCY and the medicine/antidote to the shadow is PROTECTION

In this module you will be actively exploring and working with your energetic field and energetic boundaries. You will learn how to clear your energy field, removing what is not yours and filling up with your own life-force energy. You will also learn how your emotions are sending you information about the state of your energetic boundaries. In module four will take your second healing journey to meet a Boundary Guide.

You may wish to re-visit your intention from Module One to see if it still feels resonant. Perhaps it does, and you would like to add another intention as you navigate the South, stringing your intentions together like a strand of prayer beads. Or perhaps you would like to shift your original intention to meet you where you are now... whatever feels in alignment with your heart is what is right for you.

Once you have completed your time in the South, you decide when (and if) you would like to move to the West with Module Three. You are in charge of your own healing and know what is right for you.

* I am presenting the SouLodge method of walking the Medicine Wheel, which I am studying with Pixie Lighthorse.