activating the heart

a call to radical authenticity

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius // August 7th, 2017
New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo // August 21st, 2017

Eclipse season in August 2017 promises to be an intense ride! Let's take advantage of this opportunity for personal and collective transformation and steer clear of the drama, hype and dire predictions that are rampant in popular culture right now. 

Working with the Leo/Aquarius axis we are invited to bring balance to the heart and mind, to know ourselves as an exquisitely unique treasure and a vital part of the collective that is birthing the new paradigm on earth.

Some questions to consider: How can I lead from my heart in all of my interactions? What would it be like to be authentically myself? Do I know without question that my presence is needed on the planet at this time? How can I be of service while following my passions?

Eclipses are the wild cards in astrology, heralding both endings and beginnings. Wildly unpredictable, there are patterns to be discerned when we tune in. Nothing happens in isolation; this eclipse season is part of a bigger cosmic conversation. Bringing more layers to the current astrology, we will investigate the timestreams of both the Saros Cycle and Metonic Moon Cycle connected to the August 21st solar eclipse. This allows us to widen the lens, relieving some of the pressure and intensity of this portal.

In addition to the eclipses, both Uranus and Mercury will be stationing retrograde in August. Self-care will be of utmost importance so we can navigate the twists and turns the revolutionary (Uranus) and the trickster (Mercury) may throw our way. We'll turn to the Goddess to ground & nourish us; Venus & Ceres in Cancer for emotional connection and a supportive earth trine with Pallas Athena in Taurus, Juno (retrograde) in Capricorn and Vesta in Virgo. Of course La Luna will be our faithful companion, showing us how to ebb and flow with the tides of change. 

The following lunations will be our compass points on this journey.

  • July 23rd - New Moon in Leo - Activation
  • August 7th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - Amplification
  • August 21st - New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo - Transformation
  • September 6th - Full Moon in Pisces - Integration

Course content for this class will include 4 recorded classes and between 3 and 7 audio transmissions each week. Audios include celestial happenings, meditations/visualizations, journal prompts and ritual suggestions to support you on your journey through eclipse season. If there is interest from the class I will offer live calls during our time together. Optional guided superfoods cleanse for those desiring deep cellular transformation during eclipse season - contact me for details.

  • Class #1 // Friday, July 21st
    Preparing the Path; how eclipses work; getting familiar with Leo and Aquarius in the chart
  • Class #2 // Wednesday, August 2nd
    The mind in service to the heart; releasing what is getting in the way of heart centered living
  • Class #3 // Thursday, August 17th
    Embodying authentic leadership; finding courage to let your light shine
  • Class #4 // Tuesday, September 5th
    Dissolving resistance; boundaries for empathic living; moving forward