Kristina is an emissary for the stars! She speaks their language fluently and her heart feels into the cosmic dance. Surprising insights can’t help but bubble forth, delighting us both. A session with Kristina is a treat we all deserve.

Lisa Reinhardt of Wei of Chocolate

 Intuitive Astrologer | Celestial Timekeeper

I am a lunar loving, skywatching astrologer keeping time with moon/tide in Shell Beach, CA.

My body of work is rooted in the divine feminine. It explores cosmic time as reflected on Gaia, our beautiful planet who dances with the celestials. 

My multi-perceptual listening skills offer guidance and support in navigating the natural ebbs & flows of life. 

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist in the Spiritual Counseling Practice of Depth Hypnosis and have trained extensively in many healing modalities, including herbal healing, nutrition, energy medicine and midwifery.

Things that bring me joy: my early morning walks at the beach, listening to birdsong, moon and stars and planets, communicating with plants, kundalini yoga and travel.

I'm mama to one amazing 23 year old daughter. 


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